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The Sport Pilot Certificate

Today, the dream of flight is more accessible and more affordable than ever before. The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) legal acceptance of the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) proposed Sport Pilot classification in July of 2004 opened up a new set of opportunities for students, aspiring and already certificated pilots. Over the past 100 years the cost of attaining a pilot's certificate has steadily increased. The Sport Pilot Certificate is the first major breakthrough in years that addresses that situation on a number of fronts. Though it comes with certain limitations, the Sport Pilot Certificate is a full license to fly, and therefore is an ideal way for the "recreational only" flyer to attain a pilot's certificate without the intensive time commitment and large expense of years past.


The SeaMax M-22 is an S-LSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft), and therefore falls squarely under these new, relaxed rules pertaining to the Sport Pilot. Of course the Sport Pilot Certificate is also an excellent foundation for one to be able to continue training and acquire additional ratings

Sport Pilot Certificate v. Private Pilot License

5 hours v. 10 hours

0 hours  v. 3 hours

20 hours v. 40 hours

40 questions v. 60 questions

Drivers License v. 3rd Class Medical

$4,500 v. $10,000

Solo Flight Time

Night Flight Time

Minimum Total Flight Time  

 Written Exam

Medical Exam  

Minimum Estimated Training Costs